Saturday, February 19, 2011

Habanske sklepy

400 years of wine tradition, legendary builders of cellars in Moravia, one of the most respected vineyard brand in Czech Republic.

Habanske Sklepy are located in Velke Bilovice, region of Velke Pavlovice, famous wine tasting village with over forty cellars. Contrary to small family businesses the company got tremendously modernized over the years and paying a visit to its premises is worth travel.

The success of the brand lies in high quality grapes and manual selection of best fruit only as well as agricultural proficiency. There are three lines of wine offered: Classics, Selected and Premium, exclusively for gastronomy market. More than thirsty awards and medals not only from Czech contests but also international exhibitions in London and San Francisco speak for themselves.

Following four wines are marvelous sampling idea:

Habánské sklepy André 2008, jakostní odrůdové - quality wine

Dark red wine, smelling of ripen cherries, with exquisite soft roundness, supported by pleasant tannins and long lasting impression. Approximate price: 7 euro.

Habánské sklepy Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 pozdní sběr - late harvest

Dark ruby wine with violet shades, surprisingly matured in aroma (black currant jam, black berries); balanced, averagely rich taste. Approximate price: 8 euro.

Habánské sklepy Chardonnay 2009 pozdní sběr - late harvest

Wine with golden yellow hue, buttery and nutty aroma, harmonious, juicy taste. Approximate price: 7 euro.

Habánské sklepy Sauvignon 2008 pozdní sběr - late harvest

Color of light straw, distinguished aroma reminding elder flowers and nettles; smoothly developing taste of peaches. Approximate price: 7 euro.

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