Sunday, February 13, 2011

Modry Portugal


Also known as Blauer Portigieser, supposedly brought in XVIII century from Portugal to Vienna from where it spread to Czech Republic - areas of Brno, Caslav and Melnik in Moravia region. Dark blue fruits are perfectly round, moderately tasty but low in acid.

Modry Portugal is a wine of amazing ruby colour and, if of good quality, impeccably round and fruity aroma - often floral and fruity. In taste you can often feel notes of blackberries or cherries yet wine is quite light and not complicated. Therefore, it also fits to most of dishes that go with red wines. Average Modry Portugal makes a great table wine with little side effects of overdosing; those better bottles deserve real “chapeaux bas”.

One good hint:

Modrý Portugal, Chateau Valtice, pozdní sběr r. 2006

- semi-dry, from late harvesting, 12%

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