Tuesday, February 8, 2011

National Czech Wine Salon

Both institution and charming place in the middle of fertile soils of Moravia, this unusual exhibition presents you the best of the best.

It started as a yearly national competition of best wine produced in Czech Republic. After years of growing prestige and splendid offer today it more of a temple of some sort. Located in most romantic historical castle of Valtice, one of the leading wine cities in the country, the salon occupies noble cellars with a collection of 100 best bottles. It is open for wide audience from Tuesday till Sunday, whole year apart from February, when new best league is being installed.

It’s partly educational, partly hedonistic initiative. Firstly, you can learn all about national viticulture, varieties and regions as well as buy wine accessories and books. Secondly, and most importantly, you are welcome to take part in tasting of all the gatheres wine champions. Open, 90 minute long, wine tasting with sommelier costs 15 euro and price for joined tasting and guided sightseeing of the castle mounts up to 20 euro. There are also more affordable options of small tastings (4 wines) that take just half an hour.

Definitely, it’s number one destination if you want to save time and find the best wine jewels under one roof and with the stunning beauty of Lednice and Valtice Cultural Landscape (UNESCO heritage) it is a memorable, breath-taking trip.

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