Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reading etiquettes

There is an array of features for quality wine that you should look for on Czech etiquettes...

Pozdní sběr - meaning "late harvest"
Full round wines that have been produced of grapes harvested later than usually. There are most often of very high quality. In dry wines alcohol level may reach up to 14%.

Výběr z hroznů - meaning "special selection of grapes"
Most often semi-dry wines with alcohol content of 13%. Full, round, frequently with high residual sugar.

Výběr z bobulí - meaning "special selection of berries"
Wine made of grapes that have been ripening very long and reached at harvest time 27 °NM of sugar. Very full, most often sweet or semi-sweet.

Výběr z cibéb - meaning "special selection of botrytis - affected noble berries"
Grapes ripening so long that they dry out on vines, helped by noble rot, and are almost raisins. Very high in extract, sweet and extremely rare wines.

Vino ledove - meaning "ice wine"
Made by pressing grapes that have been frozen to -7 C degrees and were proved to contain required amount of sugar. They are very rich, sweet and expensive wines.

Vino slamove - meaning "straw wine"
Grapes after picking are being left for drying for 3 months on straw in well air-conditioned spaces. Only best, undamaged fruit are being selected for the process. As water evaporates sugar level gets higher and as result sweet wines with great texture are developed.

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