Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rulandske bile


Known in the world as Pinot Blanc, originated from Burgundy, France. Sweet-sour grapes ripen in small bunches, quite late in the season. This variety can produce thin, hollow wines however especially in Znojmo sub-region, on best soils, Rilandske often turns out to be very noble, smooth and flowery, with green and yellow hue. It’s never heavy, in most cases refreshing and bears notes fo pears, peach, almonds, butter, vanilla and hazelnuts. Ideally, look for wines labeled “vyber z hroznu” or “vyber z bobuli” for guaranteed quality.

Rulandske bile fits for all sort of ful fat dishes, especially roasted meat, smoked fish, blue cheese, creamy soups and more distinctive beef and pork specialities. Also, can be served as an aperitif.

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