Friday, February 4, 2011

Velke Bilovice - greatest wine tasting approaches

Now, this is a sort of event no wine lover would ever like to miss. On 27th March 2011 in Velke Bilovice there is annual 8-hour wine tasting of best Moravian cellar jewels...

The idea is simple - spending whole spring day wandering from cellar to cellar (there are over 40!) with a map, guide and glass and tasting all that local producers have to offer. They are mostly small family businesses, sometimes with decades of tradition, eager to share... and sell you their best bottles for very competitive prices. Great reds, exquisite whites, intriguing pinks, noble archives and even some fortified honey wines are offered in all varieties and years.

I have feeling that with every year there is more and more people coming and you can really hear multiply languages, all of them of course somehow mumbling. Is it possible to survive? Definitely, with all the walking on fresh air, hospitality snacks in every cellar and food stands offering hearty Czech cuisine like roasted sausage or hot goulash.

The entrance fee (1000 CZK= 40 euro) covers all the wine you can drink in 8 hours, guide, map and special glass as well as vouchers for wine purchase (600 CZK). And of course, if you want to buy more, you are very welcome (we usually leave with some 30 bottles in the trunk). As for accommodation (no one is able to drive after that!) there are some guest rooms in many of the cellars (possible to visit also in other times of the year for wine tasting) as well as normal hotel and pension.
All the accommodation links and contacts you will find here

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