Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to buy Czech wine?

Unfortunately, this is not so easy as it might seem in global virtual world...

Basically, you may expect some bigger wine shops all over the world to have on offer, as a kind of curiosity, a few bottles of Moravian wine. That does not happen often and usually means a very limited choice, not necessarily the best. Czech producers in majority provide for local market and little marking efforts are made to promote this superb wine abroad.

That being said, there is still an option of some new e-shops being open i.e. in UK that focus specifically on Czech wines (Wineberries), however, still the offer remains poor an usually is limited to one or two producers.

Apart from that, there is most interesting option of coming to Moravia yourself and getting to know the wine amidst local vineyards, tasting events and restaurants. Whole region is recently growing upon wine tourism and I dare to say that its offer is not less interesting than Tuscany. You may want to visit best and biggest wineries or rather wander among small family cellars - either way - splendid tasting, eating and sightseeing are guaranteed.

Finally, there is also possibility to use our friendly service that can assist you both in organizing your wine trip to Czech as well as buying any desired local wines and sending to you by private shipping. For more info, write an inquire e-mail.


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